Upgrading cnMaestro On-Premises Server with latest OVA or Package via GUI or CLI

cnMaestro On-Premises system upgrade can be performed via GUI or CLI

In-System Upgrade is the ability to update the cnMaestro software without performing a system export followed by an import. Essentially all updates are performed within a single VM image. In-System Upgrade works in both Standalone and High Availability environments. The mechanism of the upgrade should be transparent to the user: they specify to upgrade the system on one instance, and the upgrade is propagated to both instances. The coordination happens automatically.

Upgrade using cnMaestro UI

  1. Navigate to Administration > Server > Operations > Software Update.

  2. Click Package or OVA – depending on the upgrade file.

  3. Browse and select the package or the OVA file.

  4. Apply Update.

Upgrade Using CLI

You should have root SSH access onto the On-Premises server.


This section describes a failsafe mechanism to apply an OVA Upgrade using the Command Line. First make the image accessible to the operating system either by downloading it through SCP (and storing in /srv/storage/tmp/) or mounting a shared folder.

  1. Copy the OVA file into the location /srv/storage/tmp

  2. Extract and stage the image into the unused partition sudo /srv/bin/cnmaestro-image stage /srv/storage/tmp/<OVA file>

  3. View status of the extraction (wait until it completes/hits 100% – about 10 minutes)
    watch -n2 sudo /srv/bin/cnmaestro-image status

    You can also view the staging status from cnMaestro UI under Server > Operation > OVA.

  4. Boot into the new image. Use the inactive partition from the status command
    sudo /srv/bin/cnmaestro-image upgrade <os2 or os1>

Note these steps are only a failsafe if the UI upgrade is unavailable. They should not be used for downgrades, which are unsupported.