Upgrading EX2052-P firmware to 5.0.1-r4 from 4.4-r3

Has anyone had any issues upgrading from 4.4-r3 to 5.0.1-r4? More than once I’ve had to rollback switches to 4.4-r3. Once upgraded the switch loses internet connectivity to cnMaestro cloud and is unable to route any internal traffic. Once I downgrade everything starts working fine again. I’ve only experienced this twice thus far, but both times it brought down the network for an entire building. Any ideas or suggestions?

Hi Steve, Are these switches using fiber ports for their uplink? If so, can you run the command ‘show running-config’ and check if the command ‘negotiation inband’ is present?

Yes, in both scenarios it has been the main switch for the building which is using a fiber uplink. So, is this a known issue?

Hi Steve, I need more information to confirm it is the same issue. Please confirm the command ‘negotiation inband’ is present when executing CLI command ‘show running-config’, and the fiber uplink is using 1G SFP transceiver. If possible, share the output of ‘show running-config interface’ and ‘show interface status’. The issue will be fixed in 5.0.2 release, to be released in the upcoming week.

Hi TamN, thanks for the response. I’ll attempt another firmware upgrade on one of the problematic switches this week, and then I’ll let you know if “negotiation inband” is present or not in the running config.

Hi Steve, I presume the problematic switches had been reverted to 4.4. Please check the command ‘negotiation inband’ in the current configuration. Also, is the uplink port connected using 1G fiber transceiver SFP? Thanks.