UPGS Confusion

So I have 2 900 mhz PMP 450i sectors back to back and a ugps .  I am confused on how to the cabling should go to provide sync using the one ugps for the 2 sectors. Attached is the pick of the ugps ports. I want to be sure I understand how to cable this so I dont have to climb the water tower again. 

So I go from the aux port on the first  450i to the ext power port on the ugps to provide power and timing and then from timing port 1 on the ugps to the aux port on the second 4501i ap?

Or Do I go from the aux port on each ap to each timing ports on the ugps and not use the external power port  in the center for the ugps at all? Using this wiring diagram. http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/PMP-FAQ/Cable-Diagram-for-450i-and-450m-to-UGPS/m-p/52198

I am also wondering which settings I need to turn on within each of the 450i aps web interface to make this all work. 

I looked at the guide and I dont quite understand is I am correct.

Thoughts? Thanks 

Any thoughts. Climbing the water tower tomorrow to mount my 2.4 epmp aps and would like to do the ugps at the same time. Just unsre of how to connect it up?

Ap1 aux to timing port 1

Ap2 aux to timing port 2

On each ap under the radio tab set sync to autosync + free run then save settings.

After you save and the page refreshes you should have a setting u see the radio tab called ugps power.  Enable save and reboot.  If you don't see the ugps power setting it might be because of the firmware. Not sure when the option showed up. 1st time we used it was in 15.0

Follow the cable pinout of the link you had in the op. Take some extra connectors just in case. Had to climb down one time because I made my cable and jacked up the pinout.

So using the method you have above I do not need to provide any additional power to the ugps correct? Also do I need to enable the power option on each AP or just one when using UGPS. 

I would enable power on both APs.  That way if you reboot 1 AP the other AP with provide power to the UGPS.

No other power is needed for the UGPS.  Just enable it on the APs