UPLINK for cnMatrix EX2010-P via 1000BASE-T


I will run uplink for cnMatrix EX2010-P from HP switch port 1Gbps 1000BASE-T

can I use RJ45 cable 1000BASE-T for UPLINK of cnMatrix EX2010-P ?

Or I have to buy SFP transmitter for EX2010-P ?

+ if I can use uplink for the EX2010-P standard what RJ45 port, what is needed to configure?




Yes, you can connect port 1-8 of 2010-P to HP switch using RJ45 cable 1000BASE-T. You can also get a copper-SFP transceiver to connect SFP port 9 or 10 of 2010-P to HP switch using RJ45. You don't need to do any configuration in order to use the RJ45.