upload AP image/firmware in CnMaestro


Is there any way to upload a specific/older AP image/firmware version in CnMaestro ( let's say 3.4.x for example) and make a software update job from the platform in order to downgrade the firmware of several APs at the same time  from CnMaestro? ( so, no need to do the downgrade manually accessing via GUI to each AP)




If you are running an On-Premises deployment you should be able to upload packages from the support download page and upload them to cnMaestro via the Applications > Server > Software Images page.  Older versions of software images can be found in the Archive tab of the download page.  I believe the file needed are the ones in .tar.gz format.


If you are on cloud, only the latest couple of versions are available.

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Many thanks

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I want to ask whether each Cambium AP has dual flash like Juniper/HP switch.

So in case newer firmware causing trouble, just reboot to older firmware in secondary flash


Hello nbctcp,

All Cambium cnPilot enterprise APs support dual boot. Terminology w.r.t cnPilot APs is as follows:

  • Active Software
    • Device is presently up and operation with the firmware version available on this partition.
  • Inactive Software

As per your query,

  • There is an in-built algorithm which boots with last working software version if an upgrade fails.

I can't see option to manually swith to older firmware from cnMaestro

Hello nbctcp,

At present, there is no provision to trigger boot selection from cnMaestro. However, you can trigger it from AP using CLI command as follows:

E600-ap2-(config)# service boot backup-firmware