Uploading image to device ePMP2000 using CNUT


I´m trying to upgrade the ePMP2000 from version 3.1 to 3.2.1 using CNUT. I have configure the user and password of the units and the SNMP as v2c with password: private, that is the default password in the units.

I can do ping and access through http to the management of the ePMP2000, but when I try to make the upgrade, allways failed.

Do you know what I´m doing wrong?

I have attached some screen captures.



Looks like your steps and configuration is correct.

Is issue reproducible with every device or only with particular one?

Please let me know what CNUT version is installed on your laptop.

Also please try to reboot device and try to upgrade it again.

It works well on my test setup with CNUT v 4.10.4.

Thanky ou.


my CNUT version is 4.10.5

I have rebooted the computer where the CNUT is installed and it doesn´t work. I have the same problem in the 11 ePMP_AP that I have Installed.


Could you please contact me at fedir.trutsko@cambiumnetworks.com.

Thank you.