uploading new version 6.1 into 900

After trying to open the streaming audio instructions for an hour and then going through the crap to get the 6.1 release. Then uploading CNUT then finding additional software needed? Come on guys life doesnot have to be this complicated. Is it just my patience is to short in life!!! I’ll try this again later
but I trust I’ll be in touch with the Canopy group or Warranty department by morning. Maybe a beer will solve the issue?

Talking to tech support is like pulling teeth. Every time I call I get the run around or they talk to you as if you are a dumb ass. I’m still having problems with there 300ss. Also we have there Next Level product and had a problem with lighting, not untill we the NLC customers I’m talking about 3 indepent telephone companies got together and put pressure on them then they admit they had a problem. :x

yeah I had the same experience. I downloaded the key and all and then found I had to have another program, and I quit. I had one of my guys who had more time than I to finish the project.
We also had a similar problem with support. We had an intermittent backhaul. After multiple calls to support, they told us it was bacause we had no CMM at the site. We knew that wasn’t the problem and told them so. They told us until we installed one, they would provide no further support. So for $1000, we put one in and suprise it didn’t fix the problem. Support then said they didn’t know what the problem could be. It turned out to be water in a cat5 cable. We had used shielded but not flooded cable. A true learning experience, both about cable and Motorola support.