Uploading WiFi4EU Emblem in cnMaestro

This graphic charter is intended for municipalities (beneficiaries) of WiFi4EU to help you fulfil the publicity actions related to the initiative. 

All municipalities awarded a WiFi4EU voucher are obligated to clearly display the WiFi4EU emblem, as illustrated on these pages, in public spaces offering a WiFi4EU connection to the Internet.

The WiFi4EU emblem, which is the symbol identifying the WiFi4EU initiative, should be used as provided, without any modification, except for the size, where the aspect ratio should in any case be maintained.

It is important to use the emblem properly and consistently across all designated areas.

Six versions of the emblem have been developed: a full colour, black & white and grayscale version, in both vertical & horizontal formats. 

All versions can be downloaded here visuals_package.zip

    • Once the all assets are downloaded, open folder 'Visuals for access points' and unzip a file that best suits - it is arranged in order of language. (E.g - en is English).
    • The unzipped folder has emblems - vertical, horizontal (orientations) and monochrome, color. 
    • Select a emblem from the choices (preferably horizontal orientation suits better) to upload.
    • The selected emblem by default is in .svg format, which needs to be converted and saved to either .png , .jpg or .jpeg format. (The emblem should not be resized, cropped, photoshoped or altered in any way)
    • The converted and saved emblem can be uploaded in cnMaestro on the splash page. - (as shown in the image below)
    • Click 'Save' button to complete the upload and save the emblem


Thank you for the explanation on how to add the Logo. Very helpful.

I have also added a background image which I need to remove but there is no delete button. How can I remove the background?

Apparently we do not need to use our own images as there is one loaded by default. The default image loads at the top of the login screen and the one I uploaded loads at the bottom. Now the login screen looks messy and I doubt it will pass the EU tests! I really need to remove the image I uploaded.


Please check the ‘Hide Background Image’ option in the ‘Background’ menu and ‘Save’ which will remove the uploaded background.