Uptime Bug


I install cnMaestro's virtual machine and i syncronize some PMP 450i, but  the uptime you can see in cnMaestro its 16Hours but in the AP you can see its 16 Days. i think it's a bug

Hi, it's true. Not all Uptime are synced. Real uptime in some APs is 11days but in these AP in Maestro it's 6 days

We have raised a JIRA against PMP device CPY-13642 and this will get fixed soon

Not sure I understand this.

I only have PMP 450s so...

To me the timers are correct.

SM and AP Uptime - How long power has been applied to the unit.

SM and AP System time - Self evident.

SM Session Time - How long communication between the AP and SM has been active (possible).

cnMaestro Online - How long communication between the unit and cnMaestro has been active (possible). 

Please correct me where I'm wrong or have misunderstood the thread.

This will be fixed in next release if cnMaestro

This is fixed in cnMaestro 1.5.1