Urgent: Epmp preferred AP list not saved


I changed my AP SSID and CPE SSID, from WeNetwork-AP to WeNetwork-AP-Tower-01.

The problem is that the CPE doesn't store the new AP SSID in the preferred AP list, after a reboot the CPE return to the old SSID WeNetwork-AP.

The CPE are installed to the customer, so I don't have the possibility to resete the CPE and upload a new configuration with the new SSID.

This was very annoyng for us and our customer.

Are you aware of this problem?

If I set in the preferred AP list the two SSID:

  • WeNetwork-AP
  • WeNetwork-AP-Tower-01

After a reboot or a random time the CPE will show in the list:

  • WeNetwork-AP
  • WeNetwork-AP

I tried everything, but nothing.

Hello Mario,

what firmware are you using ?



Hi Marco,

the problem is on 2.3 and 2.3.3.

I do not have radio with previous firmware.


Hello Mario

There is a beta 2.4rc24 we tested and it is awesome more then previous versions.

I'd like to suggest you to test this 2.4rc24 but being an rc please do not install on live installations but only try on lab tests



I tested beta 2.4rc24 too, same problem.

We are in production, more then 80 customers on the AP, and sometimes someone goes out and never more return online. We must go to home's customer.

So we need a solution.

I think that is important for me and others.

Many thanks.

Hi Mario, 

Can you please contact our customer support engineers on this at http://www.cambiumnetworks.com/support/contact-support

Or send me an email at sriram@cambiumnetworks.com so I can take a look at this.