Useful cnMatrix Troubleshooting commands

Summary: This article illustrates some useful Command-Line interface (CLI) commands that can help when troubleshooting an issue. Support may also ask for these when a case has been raised.

How to login to the CLI and capture output

We recommend using a free SSH client to connect to the Switch, PuTTy being a well known and used example. Before you login to the Switch, set the session output to log to a file.


Enter the IP address of the Switch into the connection page and click Open


You will then be prompted to login using your Administrator credentials


After successful login, you can enter the below commands


show logging - Shows the event log

show running-config - Shows the running config of the device, note it will not show items that are default. For example, the default port mode is Hybrid, so when you look at the running-config, it wont show what port mode it is unless it has been changed to Access or Trunk.

show spanning-tree – Shows the current status of spanning-tree

show ip route – Shows the routing table

show system information – Shows system info such as Serial, Uptime, Software version etc

show management – Shows the Cloud status and what Management methods are available to use

show power detail – Shows the PoE status, the Maximum Power available and the Total Consumed Power i.e PoE budget

show ip interface – Shows the IP addresses the device is using and DNS server, a good one to check if the Switch isn’t connecting to Cloud

show env all - Shows the operational status of the Switch, Memory and CPU usage, fan status’ and the current Switch temperature.

show interface counters - Shows the incoming and outgoing packet counts for each interface. Useful to see counts for the number of Broadcasts, Multicasts and if packets are incoming/outgoing for an interface.


But still, important thing for troubleshooting is output of debug commands which is not supported via SSH, only telnet/console (as spoke few post before).

Nobody is using telnet nowdays, I hope…clear text etc.