Useful SNMP MIB or OIDs for PRTG

I know cnMaestro provides good info and graphs it over time (and over longer intervals via the subscription) but we use PRTG, mainly for notifications. PRTG’s SNMP is v2 Compliant. We also use PRTG to monitor all our other network equipment, graph usage, signal etc. Instead of from the command line, I used the recommended iReasoning program to browse and GET OID info from APs and SMs and I’m getting responses/data back from the radio(s) but I need OIDs that are useful. Am I missing something? I don’t see anything in the latest MIB download for version 20.2.2 that provide data we would like to monitor (RSSI, Modulation Throughput) Does the SNMP for the Medusa 450b and APs provide the same basic info we see cnMaestro graphing? Is there any MIBs out there that I can use SNMP to GET basic info like throughput or RSSI/signal? And I know the subscription version of cnMaestro could replace PRTG but we have other non-Cambium equipment we monitor using PRTG so I don’t want to dump PRTG. Thanks in advance for any feedback, guidance or assistance.

I don’t even know what PRTG stands for, but yes, all the info that cnMaestro graphs is available in SNMP.

Yes, iReasoning works for verification. And we provide the MIBs for download every release. Are you aware there are 3 MIBs? AP, SM and Box (that applies to AP and SM).

Sorry so many questions… but I recommend loading all those MIBs and walking them and you’ll find lots and lots of information. Enjoy! :smiley:

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Thank you - I found what I needed after loading the applicable MIBs and “walk” through.

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PRTG is a SNMP based data logger. Like MRTG it connects to equipment via SNMP and stores the data in a database.
PRTG stands for Paessler Router Traffic Grapher and is part of Paessler’s Network Monitoring Suite.
This use to be a Windows only system but they now also have a linux version.

Hello @daviscomputers ,

we do use PRTG to monitor our radios (PTP 820S, PMP 450i AP, PTP 450i and even PTP 670 at some extend). To add the required OID, you need a Paessler MIB Importer for PRTG. You can download it from the link: Import MIB files into PRTG Network Monitor.

If you go to the Cambium Networks download page, you will see MIBs for each firmware version depending on the radio model such PMP 450: Log In / Cambium Networks Support

You will need then to create a custom folder in the PRTG server OID location and add these new OIDs corresponding to the PMP 450 sensors.
You should have some System Admin skills to achieve this.

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