Useful tools and software

So I was thinking that alot of us have useful tools and software that make life easier. I’ll share some of mine, share some of yours.

solarwinds free tools -
TFTP server
Subnet Calulator
Wak on Lan

Solarwinds Orion -
SNMPv2 for managing Canopy Networks with web-based monitoring - free trial. So far very very solid. Runs on Win Server

FileZilla Server and Client - Free. Solid FTP server runs on any windows machine

Gizmo - Free VoIP phone. Does not use your machine as a router like Skype. Open platform, works with other SIP VoIP platforms including Google Talk.

Trillian Chat Client - works with all Chat types, clean interface.

Single Click Home Network Manager - Install this eval copy on your client’s computers and recommend they pay the 40 bucks. When they are trying to figure out an issue with their network, they will thank you for it.

IP Scan - htp:// Use it to scan your network for active IP’s, or if you have a device that was pulled and you don’t know the password, but have an idea what subnet it came from, you can put your computer on the same subnet and scan the network range to determine the IP. VERY useful.

Good Sync - Synchonize files. I use it to sync between my Desktop, Thumbnail Drive, and Laptop.

TightVNC - Server/Client freeware allows you to remotely operate a machine as if it had a terminal server on it. Linux or Windows.

Open Office - Don’t want to buy MS Office? This is the open source version. Not as refined, but it’s free and allows portability of documents from MS Office to Open Office.

ClamWin - - Open Source AV software. Plugs into Outlook.

CDex - excellent encoder. MP3 to CD, CD to MP3.

Thanks Richard,

anti-vir personal addition

It's a free anti-virus software that works great. It found a few trojan horses that Norton missed.

I found this quite useful. Thanks

Here are some consumer apps we make available to our clients. These are all free of course. Seems like these days half of our tech support (if not more!) is spent cleaning up client computers and innoculating them.

Just go to our website.

We have made our most useful tools available there. I already registered an account for this community

user: moto
pass: wifi


I really Like more free software than you can shack a stick at.

Cacti - nice piece of software to set up SNMP bandwidth graphing with multi-user access.

Firefox - Install SwitchProxy extension and use it to access your privately-addressed wireless networks through Tinyproxy installed on your DHCP servers.

TightVNC - install CNUT on your DHCP servers and use VNC to update and monitor your privately addressed networks.

Ethereal - capture packets with extensive header decoding in a graphical environment.

Nmap - do extensive port-knocking and other tests on your customers to see what they’re up to.

Cacti/RRD - Usage graphing
Nagios - Monitoring/paging
Etherial - Sniffing the network
X over SSH - being able to run CNUT from any *nix box rocks
NetStumbler - Dealing with 802.11 issues
Subnet Calculator
RadioMobile - RF propogation, mapping, sat images

Hay you Ethereal users you should try Packetyzer from under free tools it is based off of Ethereal but mutch better interface.