Useless NSE 3000 - Cambium can't deal with the problem

A few weeks ago I wanted to start using the NSE 3000 that I purchased through the NFR program. As a partner of Cambium in “theory”, I am entitled to a free license for the purchased solution.
On March 28, I submitted a request to Cambium support to generate such a license.
It’s been 2 weeks, apart from giving a 90-day trial of cnMaestro X to the container in which I want to use this device, nothing has happened.
Today I tried to add the device again.
What was my shock when I saw the inscription “serial number unknown” !?!?!
Did this happen after upgrading to cnmaestro 4.0 (which happened on Saturday)? Is it someone playing with my serial number?
No information.
It is sad for me that this is another Cambium product and procedures that are totally underdeveloped with the product entering the market.
I wrote in the service request that I expect a solution by April 15, if I do not return this device, because it’s a shame to pay for something that is useless. And here it reflects hiccups - no local interface, because some “expert” came up with the idea that the device can only be managed from the cloud. Applause YOU!

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Hi Pshemo,

You are indeed entitled to a free license as part of the NFR program. Could you please direct message me your support ticket number so I can check on it?

You are right that the NSE can only be managed through cnMaestro.

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Your issue should be resolved by now. Please retry the onboarding and let us know if you face any further issues.