User Authentication in PTP 650 using Free Radius Server

If you are trying to authenticate the user in PTP 650 using Radius server, please follow the below steps:

  1. On PTP 650, RADIUS is only available when PTP 650 is configured for Identity-based User Accounts. Please go under Management --> Local User Accounts --> Identity Based User Accounts --> Enabled. Please see below for the screenshot.


  2. Next, click on Management --> Web --> Radius Configuration. Please see the screenshot below for the configuration


   3. On the Freeradius server, configure a client in the clients.conf file i.e the IP address of the PTP 650 with the secret that is configured on the PTP 650.


  4. Create a user  “test” with password “test” in the users file in the Freeradius server with the vendor specific attribute as shown below.


  5. The supported values of auth-role are as follows:

  • 0 : Invalid Role. The user is not admitted
  • 1 : Read only
  • 2 : System Administrator
  • 3 :Security Officer

  6. In the above scenario, I have assigned the role to the user “test” as a System Administrator.

  7. Make sure you have network reachability between the radius server and the PTP 650.

  8. Now, If you try to login in the PTP 650 with username “test” with password “test”, the request would go to the radius server and get authenticated. Please find the Access-Accept packet from the radius server to the PTP 650.

Note :

  • Only users with Security Officer role are permitted to configure RADIUS authentication
  • At least one user with Security Officer privileges must exist and be enable , in order to disable the RADIUS client

Vivek Gupta

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