User-defined overrides for configuring unique username/password for PPPOE connection on cnPIlot AP’s

Each PPPoE connection has Unique username/password. If PPPoE is used as wan connectivity to carry to user traffic form the cnPilot AP, then each AP’s PPPoE client connection needs to be configured with assigned Username /Password and the VLAN-ID.

Consider all the AP’s are part of the same AP group on cnMaestro.  To allow admin to configure Unique username /Password for each AP, we need to configure the below parameters in user-defined overrides of AP group.

pppoe server
no shut
vlan ${PPPoE_vlan-id=1}
auth ${PPPoE_Username=username} ${PPPoE_Password=password}

Once the configuration is saved it will provide below option on the device configuration page.

Admin needs to provide the below details and click on the Apply Configuration.

After syncing the configuration below config will be applied on  AP