User Management in cnHeat 2.0

cnHeat 2.0 offers increased flexibility for user management over cnHeat 1.0.

It is now possible to assign multiple users to a single project each with their own permissions. Available permissions are…

  • Read: Ability to navigate site and radio configuration (with no ability to make changes) as well as all map view functionality and the ability to run IDENTIFY
  • Write: Same permissions as Read users but with additional ability to add/edit Sites, add/edit Radio configuration, add/edit Jobs/Predictions
  • Admin: Same permissions as Write users but with the additional ability to add/remove users from a project

To add a new user for a project where you are the Admin please follow these steps.

  1. If the new user has not done so already, please have them go to the Cambium Networks support website and register a new account.
  2. The new user must then login to the cnHeat 2.0 website using their newly created credentials. and choose cnHeat 2.0. (If no login credentials are presented then the customer has been automatically logged in. Continue to Step 3.)
  3. (Note: This step can only be done after Step 2 has been successfully implemented.) As an admin go to Project configuration and click the plus (+) sign under the Users section. Enter the new users email, select their permissions, and click Add User.



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