Users having to re-enter voucher numbers on iPad and iPhone devices

I have a few customers who are reporting that they have to re-enter their voucher number on their iPad and iPhone devices throughout the day. The vouchers are set for 7 days and unlimited devices. 

Is this normal or are the MAC address of the devices tied to the voucher ID throughout the full term of the voucher duration?

Hi Drew,

Thank you for reporting your observation. 

Please cofirm if below is your configuration in Voucher:

  1. "Voucher Device limit" = empty,
    • Above configuration indicates that only one client can connect with voucher code.

If multiple clients needs to be supported with same voucher code then please configure a number,  cnMaestro does  not support "unlimited devices" with any modes of Guest Access.

Please refer below document:

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Well, pretty sure that's gonna solve that. haha.

If I update a voucher device limit on a plan, does that affect / update vouchers that have already been issued or do I need to re-issue all the vouchers? ..asking for friend...  haha

you have to modify device limit  in the plan and generate voucher once again   . you can't modify device limit or any parameter in already generated voucher