Using 2 SSID's instead of 2 channels?

I have a question? Is it possible when using epmp to have 4 sectors use 1 channel and have them gps sync. After watching a video they mentioned that providers can sync with other as long as the settings are the same. Now what if I had 4 sectors and instead of using 2 channels I used what if I used 2 SSID's so the back to back aps would have a SSID of say ( site1) and other back to back aps would have a SSID of (site2) could I then use a single channel for a 4 ap network? Or could you do a 1 channel 120 degree 3 sector system and use 3 SSID's and have GPS Sync using a single channel? Thoughts?

Hey pgator17, GPS sync and back to back frequency reuse do not support any of the scenarios you're describing. While your suggestion that making each SSID on each AP different might solve this issue is an interesting idea, the main problem is that even if you used different SSID's the SM's would hear the neighboring sectors frames. GPS sync and frequency reuse take a little bit of reading and hands on to wrap your mind around, but once you get how to use it, it becomes a powerful tool. You might want to start off with reviewing this outline on how GPS sync works. Once you've started there, come back and ask some additional questions.