Using 450 GPS sync for a 450m

We're trying to install a 450m to replace an old 450 sector and we're wanting to use another 450 to give GPS sync over the 450m's aux port as if it were coming from a UGPS.
We've been using this cable and a non-powered variation of it with the suggested sync settings but have been having no success.
Typically we'd be using a suite of PacketFlux gear for this but the situation calls for a little creativity.
We've accomplished this before, right around when 450m's were first released, but that was before my time.
What are we doing wrong here?  Can we even make this work?  Are we crazy?

Hello, no you aren't crazy.  Both the AUX sync and CambiumSync methods are supported in the PMP450m, with the same pinouts as the PMP450i to uGPS.  Very early versions of the PMP450m firmware had limited support for AUX sync.  Ensure that you are at 15.2.1 or higher (I recommend 16.0.1 as of this post) and that the other sync parameters are enabled (Auto-sync or Auto-sync+Free run and AUX port power).  Also, the cable should not exceed 10m.

If you are using our newer GPS antenna - cnPulse, be sure to read this FSB and the attachment.

If that still doesn't work, a quick support case should resolve the issue.


Also, 16.1 beta-3 was released recently and in its release notes it states that one of its bug fixes is CPY-15797 (PMP 450m does not receive GPS sync when sync source is "AutoSync + Free Run"). I'd recommend using "AutoSync" without Free Run or upgrading to 16.1 beta-3 if you are using +Free Run and want to continue with that sync selection. 

You can download 16.1 beta-3 here


Sorry, the bug fix for autosync + free run for PMP450m in 16.1 beta-3 was only introduced in 16.1 beta-1 so unless you're on 16.1 beta-1 that won't apply. If the suggestions from Chris for your investigation don't help you identify the root cause of your problem go ahead and reach out to tech support. Thanks.