Using a 900 AP - would it be worth it?

I cant get ADSL at my SOHO - was wondering if it would be worth setting up a 900ap near the local telephone exchange (setting up a public hot spot for a local business near the exchange) and a SM at my office 5 kms away (NLOS - a few trees) so as to manage the Hot Spot and also get the internet myself. The exchange is ADSL1 and I should get close to the limit of 8 meg (as the business is a stones throw from the exchange) and I assume I will be limited to around 4 meg through the 900 AP (is that correct?) - which will leave the other 4 meg for the Hot Spot (more than enough).
I plan to have the AP mounted on the roof of the business with a the same type of yagi (9db) as the SM on my roof.
Does anyone see any problems with this? - I have installed ~ 50 SM’s for a ISP but have not set up an AP before.
Will the AP set up around 30 feet high be fine of will I need to go higher?.


A. Assuming you have location availability (ie permission) to mount your equipment (The 900 AP and the hotspot AP, and all assosiated gear)

B. Is the 900 spectrum clean enough in this area to do this?

C. 5km is about 3 miles, in a cityscape or is this rural? you mention trees, but not buildings.

D. Make sure you can Resell the bandwidth, Im assuming you have done this already.

E. Whats your upload on the DSL? my cable connection is 8/512, this wouldnt work very well.

F. Your probably going to need to invest at least 5k to get this done well, you have to answer whether its worth it to you or not. Is the hot spot generating revenue?

G. We just went with the 900 canopy gear, so I cant answer you about the height, but Im going to guess based on feedback Ive gotten that 30 feet isnt likely going to cut it for 3 mile NLOS reliably, but the 900 gurus will cover that one for you.

H. Do you currently work for an ISP (you said you installed 50 SMs), if so have you discussed with them if you can do this on the side and still have a job?

I. Are you going to isolate your bandwidth from the hot spot, are you going to take QOS precedence? Is the business hosting the hotspot going to be pulling the full 8 consistently, affecting your SOHO, or are you planning on throttling them?

A. There is a change of operator at the site - I will do negotiations before purchasing the equipment

B. I did a spectrum analysis a while back - was pretty clean then.

C & G. Rural setting - just did a survey with the radio mobile software - wont need to go too high to get LOS. This 900 AP will be a point to point link using yagi 9 db antennas (Will this work?).

D, E & F. Bandwidth will be 8000/348 (until ADSL2+ comes along) will do throttling on the Hot Spot to 256/64 - I don’t see/expect the Hot Spot generating a lot of income - just an incentive for the owner of the site to have my AP installed. Im a reseller of the equipment (will be using Sonicwall TZ190 to lock down the hot spot) so I will get away with a lot less $$ than 5k. Checking with potential ISP if I’m allowed to resell bandwidth.

H. No longer work for the ISP - Left a year ago & on other side of the country now - They went into receivership 1 month ago BTW and bought out by another company. What I am uncertain about is that I have no experience in setting up the AP.

I. QOS will be done via the TZ190 - With this unit you can set up different zones and QOS/Content Filter separately and the hot spot can throttle its users. Since the 900AP throughput is 4meg this allows the other 4 meg for the Hot Spot (Am I right?).

This is a very small town (Total population of the shire is 600!) so I do not expect to make a profit from the Hot Spot - However if it gets me 4 times the speed and five times the downloads (without being charged for uploads like I am at the moment!) for $30 less a month - I will be happy. The main thing I worry about is if/when the exchange gets ADSL2+ that I personally will miss out on the higher speeds due to the AP!

I really do appreciate you effort in finding out more about my little project!

Best regards