using CAT5 wall plates or not?

Hello folks,

I was curious if Canopy installers were using CAT5 wallplates/jacks or just drilling a hole in the wall and running the cable thru it?

The wall plate looks much nicer, but is more work.

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We use both. Depends on what the customer wants. our “standard” is a hole with 2 couplers but if the customer asks we give them an option for a wall plate.

We have used wall plates only if the customer insists, we have found that it is one less thing to go wrong, as well as saves a lot of time, out of 400 customers, maybe 5 have wall plates with cat5 boxs in them

We typically try to come through below the baseboard and then do a carpet run between the baseboard and the carpet to the computer.

When we come through the wall we will try to use a blank TV cable plate to cover the penetration.

I agree that a connector plate is just another point of failure.

We also come under the baseboard when possible. More of a time issue than anything else.

I’m not afraid to use wall jacks either though, we use them on a fairly regular basis. It looks neat, and I don’t believe it’s a serious concern for failure any more than the end you crimp on your CAT5 cable at the SM, in fact it is less likely to fail. In a wall there is no movement of the cable as opposed to the elements (wind, ice, rain, etc…) that the cable outdoors is exposed to. Take your time, do it right, use a good jack and install the lockdown that comes with them and you should be fine.

most of my clients are happy with us running the cable into the ceiling, then glued down the corner wall to the pc…

we use wallplates 85% of the time.

they are a huge failure point. much worse than cat5 ends.

it looks much nicer and is much more convenient when relocating computers.

I havnt found 2 couplers that fit the cat5 nicely. any suggestions? everything i find is for coax.