Using cnHeat to submit BDC Reporting via Locations method

The BDC reporting provides for two methods for submitting Availability Data.

  1. a list of locations served by the provider,in a tabular format, where the locations are based on the FCC’s Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric, or

  2. a polygon representing the availability of the provider’s service in one of the acceptable GIS formats listed below.

Although cnHeat provides for the first method (polygon submission) it is a relatively easy process to take the cnHeat export polygons and overlay them with the CostQuest Serviceable Location Fabric to generate a list of locations to submit via the second method (location submission).

Attached are instructions on how to do this with QGIS (free, open-source tool).

Using QGIS to derive Locations from Polygons v3.pdf (1.0 MB)

UPDATE(08/30/2022): In recent days we have discovered that there is another way to do this using the BDC portal and no 3rd party tools like QGIS. When uploading a cnHeat polygon to the BDC portal the portal will provide for the list of locations within the polygon to be downloaded. This can then be taken and uploaded as availability data instead of the polygon. (…by uploading the downloaded locations from the BDC portal and deleting the originally uploaded polygon.)

Note: You will need to delete 3 extra columns(submission_id, latitude, longitude) before uploading the Location Data.

Click the cloud icon and select Download Location Data.

This method is referenced in the FCCs “BDC Technical Assitance Workshop: Preparing and Submitting Fixed Availability Data”.

Please see,…

  • 07:36 - 08:48
  • 20:34 - 21:33

Important: By using this method to submit locations (instead of polygons) the operator is no longer required to submit supporting data (except for the Methodology that all operators must fill out.)


Does the looming BDC deadline have you feeling stressed? :unamused:

If you missed our Making BDC Reporting EASY webinar, you can watch the recording of the session here: