Using cnMaestro to bulk change RADIUS authentication settings error

I have created a template in cnMaestro that should change authentication settings. However, when it runs, it has issues importing the config. When I try to upload the same config through the GUI, it returns this:

05/04/2020 : 16:43:52 PDT : Info: Variable userAuthCertificates reported error -6501 
05/04/2020 : 16:43:53 PDT : Configuration file "Cambium SM RADIUS.json",  triggered from Web GUI, failed to import. 

 It seems like it has trouble uploading the certificate used to authenticate with RADIUS... Why would this be? Is it not possible to upload certificates through the config file? The same config works when manually entering all the info; The config file I'm using actually came from another SM that I manually changed. Here's the json:

"userParameters": {
"authenticationConfig": {
"DisableAES128": 0,
"authenticationKey256Encrypted": "<censored>",
"userAuthCertificates": [
"-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----<censored>-----END CERTIFICATE-----\nHEAP\f1՜\f1μAQUF"
"authenticationKeyEncrypted": "<censored>",
"whispWebUserAccessMode": 2,
"allowRejectThenLocal": 1,
"authKey256Option": 0,
"whispUsrAuth": 0,
"authKeyOption": 1,
"accounts": [
"userName": "admin",
"level": 3,
"readOnly": false,
"passwordEncrypted": "<censored>"
"userName": "root",
"level": 3,
"readOnly": false,
"passwordEncrypted": "<censored>"
"configFileParameters": {
"rebootIfRequired": true,
"setToDefaults": false
"cfgFileString": "Canopy configuration file",
"cfgFileVersion": "1.0"

I have forwarded this to our product and support teams.

I use radius and have never had the configurator handle certificates properly. We always end up loging into each radio and having to upload the certificate manually. It would be nice to just put in a tftp/web address and let it download the public certificates that we specify.

We would like to use cnMaestro to do a mass config update if possible. We have found a few mis-configured subscriber modules out there and want to make sure all have the correct configuration. We want to set default username in AAA Authentication Settings in the security tab on our subscriber modules (to make sure all are configured correctly). Is that possible through cnMaestro?

It is possible.

For each type of SM you have that you need to update, take 1 unit that has the correct configuration, select the unit, view the configuration and save it as a template. Since my JSON coding is a bit suspect, I take the long way to ensure my template is correct. I view the configuration of a misconfigured SM, and save as a template, then view the configuration of a correct SM, and save it as another template. Then I edit both templates and compare them with an online JSON comparison tool (there are quite a few) so that I have the necessary lines of code only in my properly configured template. If your JSON skills are good, you can probably eliminate the comparison step.

Then you can apply that template to all the same SM’s that you have in your network without changing any other parameter.

Hope this helps,

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