USING cnPilot E500 and E600 as a Router directly from the ISP

Hello, I have 5 cnPilot e600 and 1 cnPilot E500 that am installing but i want to use them without an actual router but rather pick directly from the ISP, 

And I want them to work together(mesh)

Kindly help.



explain more clearly your requirment, this what we got from your email,

1. have 5 e600 ap 

2. one 1 e500 ap 

3. there is need for mesh

what more information we look from your side to help,

1. cnMaestro WLC usage (cloud or on premises)

2. how aps have been planned to get ip address and make connection to cnMaestro

3. wlan to vlan planning for wiress user connections

4. mesh from where to where and etc

a complete network topoplogy including IP, Subnet, VLAN, DHCP Server, Default Gateway shall help here 

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