Using Fiber port for data and Main port for power - Link status

The PTP 650 has 3 physical ports: Main and Aux are GigE copper ports and the SFP port can be fitted with a fiber interface.   The radio allows a lot of flexiblity to map payload traffic and management to any of these ports.

A  typical configuration that leverages this flexibility is to provide data over a fiber interface (which allows a longer drop cable) while still providing power over the Main port using the CAT 5 copper cable.  When in this configuration the copper drop cable can be run over longer distances than the typical Ethernet limit.

When in this mode and running longer copper cables than the Ethernet standard allows, the PTP 650 should be configured for in-band management (management coexists with the payload traffic on the fiber connection) or out of band management via the AUX port (management can be done via a second copper cable connected to the AUX port assuming a shorter drop cable)

If the Main port is not configured for any service (data or management) with the intention of only being used for power, the status of the Main port will not be displayed by the PTP 650. If the PIDU LAN is plugged into a switch, the switch will indicate that the port is down.


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