Using Frame Utilization as a Support Tool

With the addition of downlink and uplink frame utilization statistics that can be gathered via SNMP with firmware 13.4 for PMP450, we've started recording these stats and rolling them into our support tools and CRM. Network admins and support staff can now quickly and easily identify which AP's are running into issues by looking at both port bandwidth stats per AP, along with matching frame utilization stats. We've found grabbing and plotting the 15 minute average to be the easiest data to digest.



Which monitoring tool are you using?

I'm using cacti and its somehow at the limit of easy of usage due to the amount of data to process  (lots of equipments, lots of parameters, lots of tresholds, lots of alarms, etc..) tunning of the poller in order to gather all parameters on time, etc..



Nice, thanks for sharing.  Here is one of our 450 AP's


Those (I assume) cacti templates look great. Are they publicly available and if so where?