Using R Series routers as managed WAPs?

I have a requirement for a customer to install WiFi throughout a large house, normally I’d specify a POE Switch a few e410 of similar APs and call it a day

However, thy have cabling run already to a few rooms and want “normal” style routers int hese rooms that can sit on a table and have other devices plugged into their LAN ports

Can something like an R195 be used like this? do they support an “AP Mode” where the routing will be done by a seperate device and the R195 is to act purely as an AP with LAN pass through to it’s 4 LAN ports? Can this setup be managed through cn Maestro and provide the smooth roaming I get with the e-series APs?

Look for e425 or e430h :+1:

More than 5x the price so itsnt really an option.

List price r195w 55$ e425H - 175 $ - 3x :wink:
Nothing else as cheap as r195w

I can get r195w for £37 and e425 is at least £172 here.

That’s a 4.6x increase.

Also, the question was about using an R series as an AP. I know fine we’ll an E series will work but a wall plate or wall/ceiling mount AP is not what I’m looking for

Hi Connor Millingan ,

R195 will support all your requirement except roaming . R-series doesn’t supports Roaming . I have shared a sample configuration below fron R201 , same will apply for R195.

To configure R195 in bridge mode , you will need to create two WAN profile.
1st INTERNET profile in bridge mode . Map all LAN port and and Wireless SSID to it.
Clients connected to LAN port or Wifi will get IP from DHCP server you are running in other device.

Creat 2nd MANAGEMNET_VOICE profile in DHCP mode . This will be used by R195 to connect to cnMaestro and Accessing and manging router from WAN side. And also if you are planning to connect ipphones to it.

CnMaestro :

R-series STATUS page.