Using SM as a BHS

we are linking on of our base station to another using SM. What observed is that, it will work fine for hours but after some time it will start to break basically it will not be the SM as BHS but the APs receiving link from the BHS. this sound crazy but it is true and i don’t know why can somebody help.

This sounds like self interference. I assume you have the remote AP generating it’s own sync?

You need to sync the remote AP to the main tower by making a 6-pin RJ11 to RJ11 cable connecting pins 1,2,3,6 from the SM to the AP. … 72ae7155bd

You’ll need to configure the remote AP and the main tower AP’s with the same:
- DL%
- Max distance
- Control Slots

You will also want to use planning so that your main and remote AP’s are not using overlapping frequencies. This is outlined in the Canopy user guide.