Using SM as backhaul

Morning all,

Well, I have a moisture problem. Some water seeped into my CAT5 going to my backhaul radio, fried the POE injector.

Is it possible to use a SM as a backhaul temporarily?

it would be like this:

T1&network-SM ----wireless connection------AP–and to all other wireless customers

I could be wrong, but to me I think you could do this:

|WEB&NETWORK| -> SM -> AP -> Switch/Router -> AP -> Rest of Customers /SMs

But probably not just with 1 AP as you had shown.

I was trying to stay away from climbing both towers…

If there is no “easy” way I’ll just wait until my power supplies come in.

A thought. If the plug is fried cut the power cord and attach another 24V 400mA power source to the injector. I haven’t tried this with motorola equip but I have done it on other wireless devices.

Sorry I wasn’t clear on this. The board inside the injector is trashed. No salvaging (I’m not into soldering)…

Thanks for the tip though.

We’ve done that a couple times. Works slick for AP’s with only a few people on it. Definately better than nothing either way.

Would work if you disabled SM isolation

jakkwb wrote:

Is it possible to use a SM as a backhaul temporarily?

Yes, it's possible.
I suggest you to temporarely set down/up rate on the AP to 50%.
That way the maximum aggregate bandwidth available for customers (down+up) will be 3.5Mbps.