Using two CNpilot E500 for a security camera system (wireless mesh config)

Hi All,

I just finished setting up an cnpilot E500 at a condominium pool tiki hut (this is also where the modem is located).  Right now its primary purpose is to supply internet to people at the pool (75/100 megabit speed).

They would like to add security cameras to the condos.  About 30 yards away is the building and it has no internet connection and too difficult to run wire and they do not want to pay for a 2nd internet connection.

If I add a second E500 on the roof of the building (3 stories), can it wirelessly (mesh) supply the NVR with sufficient internet so that they can view the cameras live?  The hardware I was most likely going to get is 16 hikvision camera's (4MP), a cnmatrix POE switch (24 port), Hikvision NVR 16CH-16POE-12MP and the E500?

The plan is to hardwire all 16 cameras at the condos and keep the NVR, E500 and cnmatrix switch at the same location and have the other E500 at the tiki hut (which supplies the internet to the condos).

I was told by someone at Hikvision that we should have the h265+ protocol turned on.  Is this possible with the E500?

I was planning on doing this to setup the 2nd E500:

P.S. I know about the Cnvision Products (hub360r and the clientmicro) but if I need to get a clientmicro for every camera, it's going to be out of their budget.



Please share your requirements along with your network diagram to email ID: to assits you better.

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