Using two v1000 for PTP link


Is it possible to use 2 cn wave v1000 for ptp link?
Document says “in future release”.
Or do I have to use v3000 on one side?

Also what is max distance if one side of link is v1000.

We want to replace current links (short distance, max 500 meters) which are running on Mikrotik sxt.



that is possible to do a PTP with the V1000, but the range might be limited.

Use LINKPlanner to check on this link.

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use 2 x V1000 for PTP configuration will be supported in our next release.

Hello Mr. Allen,

thank you for the precision.

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Niragira Olympe

Does anyone know what the max link range is for a ptp with the cnwave?

Why don’t you get the newest version of LinkPlanner and try doing some models with the radios?

I did, I am not seeing some antenna options in the drop down… maybe I will uninstall and reinstall.

it is integrated antenna.

This is all I see on the drop down…

Select the 60ghz band.

we will support PTP link with 2 of the V1000 model at initial release. LINKPlanner will updated with this configuration added.




Is it possible to use 2 cn wave v1000 for ptp link today? can i get document with the configuration?

Also what is max distance if one side of link is v1000.


V1000 to V1000 PTP works fine. In my link, I"m getting over 900 Mb/s DL, and over 600 Mb/s UL using Raspberry Pi’s as network probes. Sagar created a video that explains the process very well.

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Also, max range will be ~250m for any V1000 in moderate rain zone. In heavy rain zone, maybe 100m maximum.

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I would emphasise whether it’s a PTP link with two V1000, V3000 or even V5000’s the configuration process is the same, or even a combination.

As for the range, this is very dependent on the availability and the rain region does make a huge distance, you can check the availability on the LINKPlanner very quickly. That will give you the speed and range to expect.

The question very clearly asks and talks about V1000 to V1000 PTP

The video is about.

We have created video tutorial which provides step by step video demonstration to connect two V5000 devices via your laptop and configure on-premise cnMaestro as well.

That’s a little bit different from V1000 to V1000 PTP


Hi Kmendi.

Did you end up getting an actual straight answer to your question regards V1000 to V1000 as a PTP ?.

The answer I saw was about

V5000 to V5000.

That’s a little different from the question you asked.


It shouldn’t matter whether it’s V5000 or V1000. As @Antony wrote: