V - Can't Push SM Golden Config via cnMaestro

We recently upgraded to v with good outcome, especially on Modulation and Uplink issues with the previous 20.x.x releases.

However, we can’t push our SM Golden Config via cnMaestro, results showed Internal Error, Config import failed in cnMaestro.

Tried uploading config file via SM (Configuration->Unit Settings->Upload&Apply Configuration File) but still failed

*01/19/2022 : 10:16:20 MST : Info: Variable encryptionConfig reported error 3 *
01/19/2022 : 10:16:22 MST : Configuration file “smgoldenconfig.cfg”, triggered from Web GUI, failed to import.

But Downgrading the SM to a later version (v 20.2.x or v16.x.x) and pushing SM’s golden config is working, either via cnMaestro or Uploading it on the SM’s Configuration Settings.

If it was me, I would open a ticket with cambium support.

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Guess, we’ll have to cut a cambium support ticket. Thanks @rnelson

Oops, sorry for the slow response.

In 20.3 I made a change to this

  "rfSecurityConfig": {
   "encryptionConfig": 1

Here 1=AES, and 0=DES.

But this Encryption Configuration hasn’t been actually used since 15.2 (released July 2018) where we discontinued supported for DES and only support AES.

So please remove encryptionConfig from your configuration file. You will not need this variable on anything 15.2 or later.

Sorry for the inconvenience and let me know if you have any more issues.

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@Charlie, Thank you for your reply, and sorry for rushing you on it, it was not my intention.

We removed encryptionConfig on our golden config and it fixed the issue.

Thank you once again for your brilliant support.


You’re welcome! (I have a feeling you are trying to butter me up for your next question though… ) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol, Love to learn more from you but we are good so far. Thanks @Charlie

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