V1000 issue limitation 100mbps

I have 2 CN using v1000 and the CN connect to POP using v5000 and then I have v3000. But I have an issue when i connect POE CN to laptop with lan cable support 1gbps but on the laptop read 100mbps. Even though I change speed&duplex from laptop to 1gbps full duplex on laptop just cannot read lan cable. Anyone knows the solution from that problem?

Hello Reynaldi,

The fact that you can changing the Laptop speed and duplex can cause more issues with duplex mismatching. If you are auto-negotiating and just limiting the speeds it negotiates that not an issue. If you are fixing/forcing the speed and duplex at one end the (PC) and the other end (cnWave) is auto-negotiating that will cause duplex mismatches and the Ethernet will fail.

You need to ensure the PC is in Auto-Negotiating mode, if the cable is OK the link will negotiate to 1G. Is this behavior the same on all the CN’s with that laptop?

Yes, I have set the PC in auto-negotiate but still the Ethernet status 100mbps,.
Is it possible if the internet send from provider is 300mbps and in all 3 device like 2 v1000 and 1 v3000 can have throughput 300mbps? Because in my case 2 CN just have 100mbps throughput

And I have one problem on POP cannot access to the GUI but the internet still can access in CN.

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