V1000 POE injector to camera injector

We currently are shooting 3 V1000s to a V5000. For some reason the cameras video feeds keep freezing or saying not enough bandwidth. 2 of the links are at MCS 12 and the other at MCS 9.
On the V1000 side we are going from the V1000 injector into an Axis Injector to a PTZ camera. Is it recommended to put a switch in-between instead? We cant figure out why the cameras feeds keeps freezing. We iperf and get about 700mbps on the MCS9 link.

Welcome to the commnity, DIT. How do the historical stats look for the three V1k links? Have they been stable or is it posible that when the camera feeds freeze that there have been some evnironmental effects to cause the links to fade or drop? How long are the links?

Putting a switch at one of the locations may be a good idea to help root cause the issue.

What’s the overall cable length, camera to radio?

Are there any signs of packet errors at either Ethernet port?

You shouldn’t need a switch but as Brian states it could help debug this.