v3.3 ACS still crappy

Sorry, but for a long time now I've avoided using ACS on an AP because 100% of the time it will choose a DFS channel.

I just ran ACS on an AP that sees NO SIGNAL AT ALL in the 5700-5830 band, but ACS chooses three DFS channels (primary 5285 13dB max, 5625 and 5550 14dB max for 2nd & 3rd) instead of a clearly-available channel between 5740 and 5835 (23dB max xmit power) where the interference metric is ZERO.

We had a thread on this here a year or two ago, but nothing seems to have changed.  I'd hoped by now that the ACS would be more intelligent, or at least let us tick an option to "prefer non-DFS" like the cnPilot radios offer.

For ACS to select a channel with 13dB max transmit power and 30dB max EIRP, instead of an available channel with 23dB max transmit power and 36dB max EIRP, is essentially useless to us - why choose a channel where the client device can be predicted to have 6dB-10dB weaker received signal??



Hi Joel,

Thank you for your feedback.

And thank you for excellent example which shows ACS can works better and be smarter.

Adding this request to features list.

Thank you.

I definitely need a 5GHz sub-band preference option for ACS. There are some APs that I only want operating in DFS land, micro-POPs for example. Or a larger site where I want to use the 5.7 band only since all of the PTPs are running in the 5.1 band, and a DFS channel does me no good with customers 5-8 miles out.