V3000 LACP 802.3ad

We need to know when 802.3ad is going to be implemented on V3000 computers. We need to be able to use LACP. On the other hand, when we purchased the equipment, we were informed that the bandwidth would double. We have version 1.2.1 and for now we are still the same. In version 1.2.2 we have not read this promise. Any news about it?

Hello @jrosello,

Please note 1.2.2 was released in September with support for Channel Bonding (CB2). This feature allows you to achieve up to 5.4Gbps aggregate throughputs.

Here’s the link to the release information: cnWave System Release 1.2.2 has been released

and LACP 802.3ad?
It’s the most important thing. If this protocol is not activated, when an antenna falls in a scenario with four antennas, the link does not fall and the network stops working.

How are you trying to implement LACP? I am not sure with the OpenR and the way these radios communicate with each other than LACP is possible across the radio link. LACP is a layer 2 protocol and these radios operate at Layer 3. Would OSPF for failover work? We have put 5 GHz radios along side cnWave and used OSPF to fail to 5 GHz when the 60 link goes down.

We have external failover for PTP cnWave links through OpenR.

Do read user guide for more information on this feature.

I’m not 100% sure what you’re trying to achieve?

5GHz failover or 20Gbps LAG… or both?