cnWave System Release 1.2.2 has been released

cnWave 60GHz System Release 1.2.2 has been released. Find the firmware and full release notes at


To upgrade to 1.2.2, please ensure you upgrade all nodes from POPs to CNs at the same time. Sections of a mesh not joined by a wireless link MAY be upgraded independently but Cambium would always recommend running a common software version on all nodes.

There is a required modification in 1.2.2 breaking wireless compatibility with previous software.

Specifically, if the initiator node is on software pre-1.2.2 and the responder node is upgraded to 1.2.2 the wireless link will not form. In the event of a software mismatch causing loss of wireless connectivity, please commit to upgrading the remaining nodes to 1.2.2 to recover.

:point_right: cnMaestro version 3.1.1 (or higher) is compatible with this release
:point_right: Upgrade the External E2E controller first and then the nodes (where External E2E is used)
:point_right: When using onboard controller, its recommended to upgrade the whole mesh together.
:point_right: Upgrading to 1.1.0-r4 OVA is recommended (if using External E2E)

Features introduced in System Release 1.2.2

  • V2000 Support
  • Quick PTP setup
  • PTP External failover link
  • V3000 Channel Bonding (CB2)
  • GPS-Based system time
  • Link Fade Margin (LFM) statistic
  • The Show neighbour CLI command

Problems corrected in System Release 1.2.2

Issue Number Products Description
60 GHz cnWave-2611 V2000 and V5000 POE has been enabled in boot loader to reduce CPE’s down time.
60 GHz cnWave-2960 All The Quick Start UI page did not display the maximum EIRP.
60 GHz cnWave-2696 All Sometimes, E2E Controller did not respond when a node was added or the replace node option was used.
60 GHz cnWave-2697 V1000 The IPv4 address of V1000 node over wireless was not accessible when the Ethernet port was disabled.
60 GHz cnWave-2720 All Downtime on PoP addition has been reduced to 40 seconds.
60 GHz cnWave-2730 All E2E Controller 's minion was unresponsive during the longevity test.
60 GHz cnWave-2763 All The Reset reason has been added to the dashboard in the UI.
60 GHz cnWave-2767 All GUI: When a relay port was added, the added warning pop up to indicate that IPv4 address was not accessible on the relay port.The PoP interface was an exception.
60 GHz cnWave-2774 All A 10 minute idle timeout has been introduced for SSH sessions.
60 GHz cnWave-2775 All Sometimes, the default Factory Reset option on the Recovery page did not work.
60 GHz cnWave-2779 All EIRP for the Japan country code has been corrected.
60 GHz cnWave-2859 All The primary link went down when the backup CN link was added.
60 GHz cnWave-2908 All The link distance calculation has been improved for not using altitude delta when the altitude of any site is zero.
60 GHz cnWave-2917 All The Antenna Alignment page has two states. While the alignment tool was running, the alignment beam was reported on the grid, displaying azimuth, elevation, and RSSI. When the alignment tool was not running and the link was up, the grid displayed the operational beam. The wrong azimuth and elevation were being reported during the operational state only. Note: There is no impact on the reported beam during alignment.
60 GHz cnWave-2928 All The wrong beam index was reported in the Statistics page (in rare cases) after running the software alignment tool. Note: There is no impact on the reported beam during alignment.
60 GHz cnWave-2999 All DHCPv6 Logs are added to the UI.

Known Issues or Limitations in System Release 1.2.2

Issue Number Products Description
60 GHz cnWave-2360 V3000 V5000 Description: When the SFP module is present and the SFP link is not used, then the device reboots periodically. Workaround: Disable the SFP port when the module is present but not in use.
60 GHz cnWave-2896 V2000, V3000, V5000 Description: A node changing from DN to CN or vice versa requires reboot.

When will this be available on cloud cnMaestro?

What is the V2000? As far as I can tell, the V1000, V3000, and V5000 are the only models, unless this is something new that isn’t up on the Cambium website yet.

The V2000 was just announced at WISPAPALOOZA 2022. Its performance and pricing is supposed to dovetail nicely in-between the V1000 and V3000.

Ah nice, that makes sense. Unfortunately I wasn’t part of the field trip group this year :sweat_smile: More deployment options are great.