V4.6.1 and V4.6.2 files do NOT open in older versions of LINKPlanner

In LINKPlanner V4.6.1 we added new functionality on PTP 670 HCMP, which has added additional information to all project files, even if you are not using PTP 670 HCMP. This new information cannot be read by older versions of LINKPlanner.

If you try and open a LINKPlanner file saved in either V4.6.1 or V4.6.2 in an older version of LINKPlanner you will see the following error message, showing the filename of the project you are trying to open.


If you get this error message then please update to the latest version of LINKPlanner, which is freely available from https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/linkplanner .

We apologize for the inconvenience.

New version seems to be really really really slow. :(


We haven't noticed an issue with the speed of the latest version. Can you send your project file to linkplanner.ptp@cambiumnetworks.com so that we can see if there are specific features that are causing the problem? It would help if you could provide detailed information on what you are doing and where the problem occurs.