V5000 Max subscribers

Hi all, just curious at what is the max subscribers you can have on a V5000?

The manual says:

A single V5000 can connect up to four other distribution nodes or up to 30 client nodes.


:+1: Thank you for the quick reference.

Is it clear whether there are per-sector limits? For example, the 30 client nodes must be split equally, i.e., the per-sector limit is 15 CNs. Does this imply that the per-sector DN link limit is 2? Or is the limit 4 total per DN, not 2 per sector?


Firstly welcome the Cambium Community.

The Number of Nodes you can support is a per Sector limit. The maximum number of Nodes each Sector can have attached is 15. This can be:

0x DNs and 15 CNs
1x DN and 14CNs
2x DNs and 13CNs

The V5000 has two sectors that can support the combinations of the Nodes above.

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