V5000 reboot loop / crashes?

Hey there,
I already opened Ticket with Support, but not sure on how fast they responde with Standard Support on weekend?!? We’ll see … maybe someone here quicker with a Hint on what to do? :wink:

Problem - since about 1,5h Hours our V5000 is stuck in a reboot loop / crashes?!?
V5000 - online a few (1-2) minutes, then offline again - not sure if reboot or crash and this repeats since 1,5 hours now …
already took it off power for a few minutes - didn’t change anything :frowning:

Anyone any idea on what to do next?

thx, bye from Austria

Hello @Andreas_Schnederle-W sorry to hear about this, not heard anything like this before.

This just a simple PMP (hub and spoke) setup isn’t it?

Has anything changed today, software, config etc? Could it be power or cabling, ie the reset occurs after booting up and the current draw resets the power.

If you can access this unit can you put it in to recovery mode and extract a tech dump? In this mode the tiles would not draw power and you should get diags if it’s a power issue.

Please send the diags to support, I’ll make sure someone picks this up ASAP.

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Hey @Antony,
thx for your reply on the weekend! :slight_smile:

Exactly - 1x POP V5000 and 2x CN V3000 connecting to it. No changes in software, config, cabling or anything else. Started at about 11:30 and lasted about 1,5 Hours with dozens of reboots/crashes. Then V5000 was again stable - and it is still stable as of now.

I was able to get Tech Dump in the middle of the problems (V5000 stayed online a few minutes before it rebooted/crashed) and another Tech Dump again when the spook was over.

I’ve attached all Tech Dumps to Support Ticket #338833.

thx, bye from Austria

Something changed though … how is your weather ?