V5000 - Snow Problem

Hey there,

we are currently operating 2 PTP radio links using 1x V5000, 2x V3000 in the very snowy Tyrol, Austria.
In the last few days we had the problem that the link to CN kept failing for several hours multiple time.
Since the V3000 are installed under canopies and only the V5000 is under the open sky, we suspect snow buildup on the wind-facing side of the V5000.
Has anyone else had a problem like this?
Are there any possible solutions how we can get this problem under control?

Just 5 minutes ago the link broke again …

Thank you, best regards from snowy Tyrol

Just had a technician on site… unfortunately you can’t get to the roof at the moment to take a closer look at the antenna. You would have to climb up with a ladder from the outside.
Photo taken from an unfavorable position and very long lense - hence the bad Quality - but you can already see some snow buildup in the upper area

and I just noticed something strange… it’s currently -1.1°C here… why is the V5000 showing -29°C here on Tile 0… that’s completely off?
And is there (out of interest) somewhere a description of which value is measured where on the antenna? So where is “Baseband Temperature” located, where “RF Tile 0-4”

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Living in snow country, I am very interested in how this progresses, please keep us posted regarding developments.

@Andreas_Schnederle-W Hi.

What is the distance for this link?


sure - will keep this posting up2date with my information