V5k not reconnecting after LoS is cleared

During a blizzard on Monday we had a radio go down because a snow drift formed and broke line of sight between it and the radio it was connected to via mesh mesh link. Both radios are V5000, the line of sight at site B has been completely cleared and site A has always been clear and up throughout the storm. Despite LoS being cleared and trying to delete and recreate the link in Maestro the radio at site B does not want to reconnect to the network. Has anyone encountered this kind of issue before? What are some suggested actions to take?

Hello @Mahtieu_Luc_Lajoie, sorry it see your first post is to flag an issue, lets see if we can fix this ASAP.

In case you haven’t already, I recommend you create a support ticket

Understanding what version of software you are running on the Radio’s, E2E and cnMaestro will be key and we can get those from the Tech Dumps. Have those available for the ticket would be ideal.

Please see the KB article Download Field Diags of 60 GHz cnWave device and E2E Controller Tech Support dump in cnMaestro .

Once we understand the issue we can let other know the solution on this forum topic.

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Wonderful I definitely will look into making one. I appreciate pointing me in the right direction

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