v8.2.4 Connection Problems

We are having a serious problem with 8.2.4 SM’s talking to a 7.3.6 AP. About 50% of the time the AP shows that the SM’s are connected but you cannot Ping the radios or get to the web interface by any means, and the other 50% the radios are up and working fine. Has anyone seen anything like this?

Thanks for any info.

I can’t speak to your specific problem, but I would strongly recommend that you give 8.2.7 a try. It has been the best of all the v8 firmware that we’ve experienced, and by a wide margin. We have not committed to upgrading any of the P9 hardware, the are still running 7.3.6, but The full network upgrade may come soon.

I have seen issues when trying to use LUID to connect to an 8.2.x SM through a 7.3.6 AP.

Had to directly enter the IP address of the SM to access the webpage.

ok tks. Going to try and go to 8.2.7