value of your company

Hey Jerry,

I’ve been tracking some recent takeovers in the cellular market… based on like an MRPU of around $30-$35, each subscriber is roughly worth $1000 USD.

Not sure how that corelates to a WISP… but the higher the number the more your worth…

I know the higher the MRPU/ARPU the higher that figure of value per customer will be, hence concentrating on business customers will give you a higher MRPU…

That’s exactly why we are only doing business - 99.00/mo SOHO and up.

It’s not the same for the WISP industry though.

Yes, business customers will get you more money because of more revenue.

Typically WISPs are being bought out around here for 1 to 2 times yearly revenue. Which amounts to almost nothing.

We’ve had several offers along those lines, but it’s no where near the value we feel. However there have been several buyouts along those numbers and I’ve heard of similar deals across the country.

So $1000 per sub is unrealistic perhaps even for a business sub.

It varies by region and type of company.

You should be able to expect 36-48 months revenue. NextWeb sold 3000 Business Customers to Covad for 36M but they had a very high ARPU and alot of infrastructure. Additionally they had bult a very good name so the brand was worth something also.

1-2x yearly isn’t worth the time. Wait though, when the big boys are ready to roll WiMax and start Assimilating, your customers should increase in value to them. Resistance is Futile.