Various devices rebooting

We are starting to get concerned about the amount of ePMP1000 devices that seem to be rebooting for no reason. On the ones we know about we have checked all cabling/terminations and the issue still seems to be there. Firmware versions seem to be 3.5 onwards.

Has anyone else been experiencing these issues?

Woah, that's really strange... how do you know they're rebooting? Are these clients or AP's or both? Have you enabled logging and checked to see what the radios are reporting?

We have hundreds of ePMP radios out in the field and have not experienced any strange reboots. I follow the forums pretty closely as well and I don't seem to recall anyone reporting a lot of random reboots as of the 3.5+ firmware. We're running 3.5.2 on everything and it seems incredibly stable.

The system uptime resets back to minutes and our customers ppp sessions in turn reset also. I only think SM's. Client SM and PtP Stations.

Logging is enabled on the radios but we are not seeing anything unusual as far as I am aware.

I do know that there was a cold reboot issue a while ago but on a much older firmware.

I have had 1000 rebooting as well.  All clients with 3.5.2. AP not rebooting, just clients, and only the 1000, have 190 connected to same APs with no issues. 


I have similar issue with both Force 180 and ePMP1000c when used as SM.

The AP already working fine with two other SMs.The third SM is added to the AP and the RF session is established.

When I do wireless link test or speed test, download shows ok but as soon as upload starts, the Force180(SM) reboots.

Power, drop cable, connectors checked and also tried replacing force 180 with ePMP1000c without success.

used 3.5.6 in both Force180 and ePMP1000c but to no use.

Will it help if I set broad cast packet rate=100? I found this in one of the user's comment in forum.

I know you said you checked everything,  but if both SM's are rebooting during upload test (highest current draw) you are not getting enough current to SM's. Cable , connector, power supply, surge suppressor....something is not passing or providing enough current.