Various Problems with 5.7 Ghz. Canopy in BHM / BHS Config.


We are installaing several point-to-point backhaul links between radio repeaters.

We have aligned two backhaul links thus far and have a few issues, first of all here is a description of the network:

BHS-----(5810Mhz.)-----BHM–(CMM Micro)–BHM------(5750MHz.)------BHS

Here is the FIRMWARE Version:

CANOPY 6.1 Dec 08 2004 09:22:02 BH20-DES

LINK Status:

5810 Link: RSSI = -55 dBm / 100 % Effiicent Up / Down
5750 Link: RSSI = -65 dBm / 100 % Effiicent Up / Down

All register ok and can talk around the different canopy units from any point in this link.

Here are the PROBLEMS:

1. Frequent ping / IP traffic timeouts when pinging any canopy device in this network, resulting in extremly slow throughput / update times.

This is causing incredible operational problems and is quite concerning.

2. RSSI readings seem to jump from -55 to -80 dbm on the 5750 Link (i think this is a known problem in 6.1???)

Any help would be appreciated…