Version 13.4 have big problems

We installed on ALL 450AP with Board Type: P12 and all 450SM with Board Type: P12 new software version 13.4
ALL SM registered used radius server and receive QoS and other configuration from radius server.
After upgrade on 13.4 we have a few problems
Critical Problems 1.
If after restart AP some connected SM not re-registered on it is AP
In Statistics AP "SM registration Failures" error appears MAC : 0a-00-3e-a1-ab-c1 RegReq no time ref 07/31/2015.
on SM in "Event log" show error 07/31/2015 : 17:05:34 OMST : :Failed to reserve VC: 33 pVC: 33 Luid: 17
Problem resolved only if restart SM.
Critical Problems 2.
ALL AP receive management ip address from dhcp server.
If AP when startup not to see DHCP server in "Event log" error appears Error Initializing EAP Global Control Blocks, Error = -9202 .
and after AP see DHCP, SM not may connected AP, it is AP not re-send radius request on radius server.
Problem resolved only if restart AP
Mirror Problem 3
All AP have management interface with defaut ip After change receive management ip from DHCP server and after reboot AP in "Event log" error appears Error Initializing EAP Global Control Blocks, Error = -9202
and sm not may connected.
Problem resolved if on management interface change ip on ip received from DHCP set DHCP state: disable and next after reboot set DHCP state: enable

I didn't have much luck with 13.4 before tech support instructed me to downgrade all units to 13.2.1

Numerous AP fatal errors
    ILLEGAL INSTRUCTION: inst 10000000 adr 000DFA70 cnt 3
    NiFreeBuf()trying to free unallocated bfr! ptr = 0x0250c800
   AP watchdog resets

SM's Logging up to 24 times per second
   Tsl Free list empty. Entries 0

SM Registration issues
   Unable to register new clients without AP reboot
   Some SM's occasionally reset color code back to 0
   After AP upgrade and reboot of the AP some SM's never come back.

For Critical Problems 1.

Does the SM is on 13.4 or some other software version ?

Critical Problems 2 and Mirror Problem 3

We have root caused the issue and it come when DHCP server response come delayed after radius client is started.

This will be fixed in next release.


>    Some SM's occasionally reset color code back to 0

Can you describe a bit under what condition it happen , what are version of AP/SM , and what color code they wre configured,color code  reset happened after registration or upgrade/downgrade ?

> SM Registration issue

Are you also using RADIUS as authentication for SM, we are seeing this problem on some of our customer , we are working on it.

Does the SM is on 13.4 or some other software version ?

It is problem only version 13.4


I see this line in log

'Failed to reserve VC: 33 pVC: 33 Luid: 17'

Can you please send complete CNUT capture.?


SM on 13.4   Color code changed to"0" from "10" after upgrade from 13.2.1

On two other SM's with 13.4 color code reverted to "0" after setting to "9", saving and rebooting.

Did this more than once. Downgraded SM to 13.2.1 to correct the issue.

Yes on Radius authentication

Thanks I will check this color code problem, can you confirm if color code revert to 0 just after upgrade or after SM is authenticated from RADIUS?

After the upgrade to 13.4 and after radius authentication. It was a remote upgrade so no way to know if it was before radius.  The others may be been simply an issue with saving the color code.

Can you send your configuration file after you change color but before reboot?

You can download it from  Configuration -> Unit Settings

What hardware type /board type are you using when having this problem , PMP 450 or PMP 100 ?