Version 8.1.4 and IE 7

Has anyone noticed that version 8 doesn’t work with IE 7 or Firefox? Or has anybody had it work for them? I just upgraded a 900 MHz unit to 8.1.4 and cannot access the web interface with IE 7. If I go to a different machine with IE 6, works just fine…

It works for me (Firefox 1.04 & Firefox 1.5 & 2.0) Linux

Worked fine for me with IE.7. What is not working? I actually really liked being able to open a new tab from the Sessions page to look at a customer’s radio.


IE7 will access the radios. Try shutting off the PHISING FILTER built into IE7 that will speed things up.

From what I was told IE7 was built for 3.00Ghz processor machines anything less will seem sluggish. I have tested this to some degree. I have a 3.00Ghz laptop at home and it works fine. I also have a 2.40Ghz PC at home and IE7 is alittle sluggish on it. Then my laptop for is a P3 500, and it’s slow as dog meat on it.