version on 8 SMs on older version APs

Has anyone tried version 8.1.5 SMs while the APs are on ver 7.3.6? We have some SMs connected to a tower that we use with another company, however they use public IP addresses and haven’t upgraded their software. I’d like to put the SMs on the version 8 so the web interface won’t lock up anymore. Anyone tried this yet?

I don’t think you will have good results.

Do you monitor the SM’s? If not, if you have access to the AP, you could put a private IP in the SM and use the AP LUID select to access the SM. The private IP would just be a place holder, you would not actually be using it.

No that’s the problem, we can’t get acccess to the APs.

Put an old used PC running Linux with two NICs (1 public, 1 private) inside their network. Make the PC the gateway for your private network ( or whatever).

Then you could VNC to the box and have access to your private IP devices.

that’s a good idea, thanks once again Jerry.